The safety flooring pioneer


In this day and age, ‘safety’ has become more than just a buzzword in the space of flooring solutions—both, for private and commercial applications. Coupling this perspective with quality products, therefore, was always bound to reap rich dividends.

EcoFlex Safety Flooring
Promoted by EcoFlex Flooring Pvt. Ltd. and EcoFlex Surfaces Pvt. Ltd., this pioneering company provides safety flooring solutions in a wide variety of areas—from national and international sports (indoor / outdoor / water sports), to industrial flooring, children’s play areas and public parks.

Having ventured into the business nearly six years ago, EcoFlex remains the only company in India to manufacture polyurethane and meshed granular rubber based safety flooring. Under the supervision of highly qualified professionals, with a widespread network of marketing partners all over the country, and associations with leading global brands like Herculan, Playtop and Exclusive Leisure Ltd. (ELL) to boot, EcoFlex today stands unparalleled as a leader in top quality, reliable safety flooring solutions.

Herculan Sports Surfaces B.V. is a Dutch company having spread its arms across 75 countries around the world. The company has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing synthetic flooring systems. A high quality of HERCULAN products is guaranteed by using only the best quality raw materials and hi-tech production methods, which are constantly monitored by technicians in laboratory. EcoFlex promotes HERCULAN Sports Surfaces like Outdoor running tracks, Indoor stadiums, Tennis courts, Industrial flooring - Epoxy, Industrial flooring - Polyurethane and Rubber concrete in India.   Playtop Limited, a part of Charles Lawrence Group plc, is the market leader in UK in designing impact-absorbing playground surfaces. It has pioneered use of the play surface as part of whole design that minimises risks of injuries to children who fall from play equipment. The huge range of colours coupled with our designers' imagination can create all kinds of patterns and pictures in the surface. More than a million square metres of Playtop® have been installed worldwide.
Playtop® surfaces have been tested to both European and American Standards. Playtop Limited works internationally with Nike in its Reuse-A-Shoe programme.
Colours / size / specifications are indicative and may vary in actual products. Product specifications are subject to change
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