Let Your Kid Fall Safe

Choose PlaySafe, the softer floor that protects your child from falls. Catch and run, hide and go seek, but don’t fall and cry!

HIIT The Gym

Feeling sweaty and wobbly after a rigorous HIIT workout? Tuffloor will support you during those tough hours at the Gym.

For Pace With Grace

Runathon protects your feet and knees from aches, even as it accompanies you around the track. After your record-setting laps, all that’s left is A Fresh Mind, sans body aches.

Unleash The Power Within

Tennis, Basketball or Volleyball, choose your sport. Enjoy the game with utmost zeal. With Herculan MF-OD, you will be safe and sound—without a wound.

Play Hard

It's time to get the zing back to your Badminton courts, Gym sessions, Yoga rooms and indoor sports with Herculan MF - Indoor.

Each year, more than 50,000 children go to U.S. hospital emergency rooms with injuries associated with playground equipment. About 80% of the injuries occur when children fall from play equipment.

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission www.cpsc.gov

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