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Playtop® impact-absorbing playground surfacing is specifically designed to minimise risk of injury to children who fall from play equipment. It is the most advanced product in its field.More than a million square metres of Playtop® have been installed worldwide. It has been the market leader in the UK for over 25 years, and is now marketed by trained and licensed installers in a number of countries.

Easy to maintain

With its continuous and joint-less surface, Playtop® needs very little maintenance. As the right thickness of material is always at the right place, no raking is needed nor does it allow material like bark or sand to stay on. Foreign objects are clearly visible on the surface, and hence reduce the risk of becoming hidden hazards. Additionally, there are no gaps to tempt inquisitive children to poke and play, nor does it provide weak points for vandals. The surface itself is porous and if laid on a porous base, rainwater can drain away almost instantly.

Unmatched safety

Playtop® surfaces give optimised deformation to cushion falls. The interlocked strength requires no separate structural base. The surface is resistant to abrasion, slipping, indention, and ignition. Moreover, it can be crafted into various creative designs.

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Play with Nike

Playtop® works internationally with Nike in its Reuse-A-Shoe programme. This innovative resource management initiative collects worn-out sports shoes of any brand, together with Nike manufacturing remnants, and separates materials for recycling. Nike then works with partners such as Playtop® to incorporate Nike Grind rubber granulate into premium-quality sports and play surfaces.

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Acquired Certifications

The impact-absorbing properties of Playtop® have been tested to both European and American Standards.
• European Test certificate (BSEN)
• American Test certificate (ASTM)
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The abrasive wear resistance, wet and dry slip resistance, indentation resistance, and flammability of Playtop® have been tested under BS 7188

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