Herculan MF – Indoor

Be it table tennis or indoor badminton, Herculan by offers top-quality multifunctional point elastic floors suitable for all traditional indoor sports.

Ecoflex Herculan surfaces are seamless from wall-to-wall, impermeable to water, rot proof, chemical resistant, fully closed, easy-to-clean, hygienic, fire resistant, shock absorbent and point elastic extremely wear resistant. Moreover, they offer freedom of design, colour, and shape.

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Herculan MF

Herculan MF – Multi Functional

The seamless surface of the Herculan MF system is non-porous, therefore, hygienic, and easy to clean. Herculan MF systems provide the optimum slide and slip resistance. The high tensile strength and elasticity of the Herculan EX 800 wear layer, enables the sports floor to be used for exhibitions, concerts and speech-days.

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