Jogging Tracks


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Jogging helps build leaner and stronger muscles and even contributes to the strength of bones. It improves the functioning of cardiovascular system and helps you maintain a healthy body, but, running and jogging on bad surfaces can also result in unwanted health problems. While running, leg joints suffer from high impact as your feet hit the ground with force. Running on surfaces such as tar roads or stony pathways may lead to musculoskeletal stress and fatigue. It may even cause injuries to your joints and ligaments.

Ecoflex has specially designed jogging tracks, keeping the requirement of joggers in mind. Besides being excellent at shock absorption, these surfaces also offer anti-slip features. Ecoflex jogging tracks are easy to clean and virtually free of algae growth, making it a complete package of safety, performance and durability.

Ecoflex jogging surfaces adhere to stringent industrial standards for quality.

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