PlaySafe – EPDM

  • Amrut Pearl, Kalyan, Maharashtra

Want a rainbow on the playground? Bright yellow, deep red, bottle green or sky blue. All these colours come alive on playgrounds with our premium solution, PlaySafe


For those looking to paint their floors in vivid colours, PlaySafe Premium offers a solution mix of organic and inorganic dyes, that speaks colours. The product offers a chance for architects and designers to mix and match the colour of the playground with the main theme.

Based on EPDM technology, this flooring comes with fresh and permanent colours that do not fade away with either time or use.

EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is an organic synthetic elastomer which has many properties equivalent to or better than those of natural virgin rubber, after curing. During the production of the elastomer, several additives are used to enhance colours and their stability. This assures that the colours are durable, flexible and can also stand the test of weather and time.

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