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Isn’t it a lot more comforting to think that your children are at a playground that is clean and safe? Ecoflex offers just that with its advanced safety flooring surfaces.

Its state-of-the-art technology provides excellent impact absorption, reduces the risk of permanent injury by cushioning the fall as it occurs. It means that your child will not be one of the hundreds of thousands of children that fall victim to hazardous and unsafe playgrounds resulting in severe injuries, every year.

Falling isn’t the only thing that could potentially become fatal to your children on the playground. Hygiene goes a long way too. That’s why our playground flooring surfaces are easy-to-clean and maintain, and completely weather-resistant. Our playground surfaces can be ready for use soon after a heavy rain, and do not hold contaminants such as animal waste, glass pieces, wood chips, nails, or any other substances harmful to children.

We understand and value your concerns, which is precisely why Ecoflex offerings are more than just flooring beneath your feet. Our products are developed with care and expertise, so that your children will be safe, always. There are three products by Ecoflex in this category covering PlayTop imported flooring, Premium flooring, and budget offering as listed below:

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