Outdoor Sports





Surfaces for outdoor sports come with their own set of requirements.

The check-list for a good sports floor includes

  • It should be flexible to withstand temperature variations
  • It should be easy to clean and maintain
  • It should be rot-proof
  • It should be resistant to water

In addition to all these qualities, Herculan outdoor sports flooring from Ecoflex delivers excellent traction and fast responses. Its high impact shock absorption feature protects players from getting hurt and reduces their fatigue.

The multi-function surfaces are durable and work for many outdoor sports like basketball, tennis and badminton. The Herculan outdoor sports flooring can be installed on almost every existing surface. The installation is fast and it is nearly 100% maintenance-free. It can also be customised to suit different preferences of design, colour and shape.

The Herculan outdoor sports surfaces offered by Ecoflex are tested for quality by independent agencies like ISA Sport, Dutch Olympic Committee, and the Dutch Sports Federation.

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