Herculan MF – Outdoor

The outdoor flooring solutions by Herculan offers multi-functional point elastic floors suitable for all outdoor sports like basketball, volleyball, badminton and more.

Herculan sports surfaces are tested and monitored by independent test institutes such as ISA Sport, Dutch Olympic Committee, and Dutch Sports Federation.

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Herculan Court S
Herculan MF OD

Herculan MF OD

Internationally certified outdoor synthetic cushioned multi-sport flooring.

The product build up consists of 8 mm rubber base and 2 mm PU top to give required cushioning, anti-slip properties, anti-abrasion, long durability and consistent performance.

Tennis Court

This top sand filled PU surface ensures right ball speed and ball bounce, which is essential for the game of tennis. This product is also suitable for outdoor multi-sports activity such as outdoor basketball and volleyball.

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