Stable flooring: Herculan Rubber Concrete

For the horse-lovers, Ecoflex ensures that their prized assets stand tall on a surface that is designed to prevent leg and foot injuries, and reduce straw requirements.

Herculan Rubber Concrete from Ecoflex is designed to provide a safer, comfortable, and quiet environment for horses. Impermeable to urine and other fluids, it can be installed in horseboxes, stalls, barns, wash-bays, open and closed walking areas, corridors, veterinary and hospital areas, horse exercisers, and lorries and trailers. In addition, it can be used as a decorative and hygienic elastic surface for changing rooms, showers, and toilet blocks.

Stables have to be cleaned by removing horse droppings and other impurities regularly. Herculan Rubber Concrete can be easily cleaned—with pressure washers or steam cleaners. It offers a sealed, firm but resilient, and safe surface for horses.

Put into Action

A seamless, wall-to-wall system, Herculan Rubber Concrete can be applied on wood, concrete and asphalt bases. It can even be applied on slopes. It provides a compact, non-permeable, and a hygienic surface.

Assuring Performance

This simple but technically advanced product is a carefully balanced mixture of graded rubber, aggregates, and a two-pack, non-toxic polyurethane binder-system.

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