Indoor Sports

Good flooring is the key to an indoor sporting arena, be it the part of a gym or a health club, indoor badminton or Tennis court. An indoor sports floor must have a smooth surface, and should also cushion the players enough to achieve force reduction. It should protect players from slips and injuries by cushioning the impact of their feet as it lands, and have good force resistance.

An ideal sports floor should have all these qualities:

  • It should be non-porous
  • It should be impermeable
  • It should be shock absorbent
  • It should be wear-resistant

Indoor sports floors should maintain these qualities under all weather condition. It should be safe and comfortable, especially for children who should be protected as their musculoskeletal systems are in a developing stage.

The Herculan indoor sports flooring offered by Ecoflex delivers all these and more. Designed to challenge limits while engineered to be secure, these surfaces will allow the player in you to fly without the worry of injuries.

These indoor surfaces from Ecoflex have high mechanical strength and are extremely durable. They offer the choice of design and colour, to create the perfect ambience for an indoor sports facility.

Whether it is for billiards or kabaddi, badminton or table tennis, Ecoflex has solutions across all indoor sports. As the performance and features required by each of these sports are different, Ecoflex tailors the flooring to meet the specific needs of these sports.

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