Gymnasium Flooring

A profusely sweating gym user has a very high risk of falling. As many are either in close quarters to equipment like weights, the risk of accidents is much higher. Here are some ways how Ecoflex’s indoor offerings for a gym can help you avoid these risks.

  • Our rubberized flooring scores high on slip resistance, saving the user from slips and falls during workouts
  • Strong, durable and tough to withstand the harshest possible impact
  • Ecoflex gymnasium flooring surfaces are seamless, non-porous, and assure high performance
  • These surfaces are hygienic and also easy to wipe-clean
  • Users can hold full-day workshops or mini-exhibitions at the facility, as Ecoflex gymnasium flooring has high mechanical strength and elastic properties
  • Our gymnasium flooring products can be resurfaced quickly and economically as and when required. For instance, the Tuffloor tiles allows for easy replacement of individual tiles in the incidence of wear and tear

Ecoflex’s range offers a thick and unique composite structure with exceptionally high load-bearing capacity making it suitable for gymnasiums with heavy duty equipment. Meet your style and functional needs with Ecoflex Gymnasium range.

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