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Is choosing the right sports flooring confusing? Are there way too many choices and confounding technical jargon? Ecoflex can solve your problem.

Ecoflex create custom-made solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our high-quality sports floor products offer both performance and safety for both indoor and outdoor sports activities. Be it basketball or table tennis, A Yoga room or gymnasium, badminton or a multi-sports facility, Ecoflex sports flooring surfaces come with highly advanced safety features that deliver excellent traction and support.

Designed to deliver quick shock absorption response they ensure resistance to potential slips or slides. Our sports surfaces go through rigorous testing to meet international standards, therefore, guaranteeing unmatched quality.

Our sports floors are also environment friendly and highly hygienic.  They are easy-to-clean and maintain under any weather conditions. Our wear-resistant sports surfaces are long lasting, and come in various design, colour and shape options without burning a hole in the customer’s pocket.

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