Five gym exercises that call for a safe floor

K1 Academy Tuffloor

Ecoflex’s Tuffloor at K1 Academy in Santacruz, Mumbai

Going to a gym is not just about working out on the tread mill or the exercise cycle. The flooring at your gymnasium is also useful in case of many workouts. Safe and soft gymnasium flooring can be the perfect place to try many exercises to keep you fit and lean.

Good gymnasium flooring can absorb impact of falls and protect your important body parts like arms, legs, back and palms. A safe gymnasium flooring can help ensure that you finish your day at the gym feeling energized and not with aches, sprains, and pain.

Given below are few useful floor workouts that work best for you when done on a top-class and safe rubberized flooring like Tuffloor by Ecoflex.

  • Ab crunches: Ab crunches are the most popular of gym exercises and also serve as good warm-ups. Back rest is quite important for this as you lie on the floor for a long time, including pauses that you take between crunches. A gym floor should be able to give good support to your back and take care of your posture while exercising. 
  • Lunges: Lunges are useful workouts to take off the extra fat on your thighs and also give you a leaner waist. These exercises put pressure on you feet and legs. Soft landing for your feet will help increase the number of lunges you can do as your feet don’t hurt. 
  • Push-ups: The ultimate workout for building muscles, push-ups are for serious gymmers who are not just trying to lose weight, but looking to build their body. Body builders usually dedicate a lot of time to this exercise. This exercise needs a very good rubberized floor in order to keep the pressure off your palms and avoid mishaps in case of slips.
  •  Stretches: Stretches are done many ways. One way is to lie down, relax yourself, stretch your hands and legs, moving them up and down and sideways. This too, is a good warm-up exercise, can improve your breathing and relaxes your back in the process. Good flooring can give the comfort necessary to stretch before your start off gymming.
  • Squats: Squatting is for those who want to exercise their entire body at once. Squats help those who are looking to lose weight around arms, thighs and strengthen leg muscles. This too needs a good landing for palms and feet, making it necessary for a soft floor leaving the gymmer feeling light.